Barley's TapHouse, Knoxville TN.

Dec. 18,2006, Knoxville, TN

EVPs will have a class designation following them. Sorting through the evidence is not complete yet, there is more to come in the next few days.
EVPs recorded by Marshall at Barley's in the order they were recorded:

The following were from the basement

Happy (b)

He's our victim (or victor) (b)

Do You want Me (b) Maybe a residual from the Bordello days, clear disconnect

Pool Room Upstairs

Kiss her neck. (a) Perhaps another residual from that time, clear disconnect

Fishhhh (a)

Yea! (a)

Conference Room Upstairs

I'm over 21 - help me. (b) This came from the back room upstairs right after I asked if anyone had anything to say to me.

Is anyone else up here (or get out of here). (c) Came right after I asked if there was anyone in that room

Big Mouth (b)

Wait a Minute (a)

Come and walk with me (b)

Beer. (b) Perhaps a residual, loud disconnect.

Someone's getting choked up there Whitman(b)

You don't fuck with me. (b)

Come back (b)

The following by Donna at Barley's in the order they were recorded:

Who's there (or Who's that) (b) Loud disconnect

Pam. (b) This one came right after Doanna asked what the lady manager's name was. It turns it was Pam

What was that? I've been neglected. (b)

Achoo Do we have a ghost with a cold? (b)

Get out. (b) This was recorded just as Robert walked by

Let's go back to Mammas. (b)

Gary (a)

My couchee or back to you. (c) Maybe a residual from the Bordello days?

EVP's recorded by Sean

Get Back (a) An EVP recorded when Robert walked by.

EVP's recorded by Tesa

Poor Thing followed by "Get"

Can your roll for them? followed by "Why not"

Let me out

Can't lock it following Tesa saying "Lock on the door"

That's mine

Note: There may be references to a connect and/or disconnect sound. The actual connect or disconnect may not be in the clip if the clip was cut short, but will be in the original, which we can go back to if needed.

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