Big Ed's pizza in Oak Ridge Tennessee was investigated the night of 5-22-09. The following are EVPs which were obtained during that investigation.l Note that because of equipment such as exhaust fans running, the background noise was high. Thus the majority of these EVPs have had either/or hiss and noise reduction done on them.

Sean's EVPs

I'm Judy King - Marshall asked if Big Ed was there right now, and he got a response (picked up on Sean's recorder), "I'm Judy King".

Brett Hullaby - Sean asked, "Would you please tell me what your name is", and got this response, "Brett Hullaby".

Hey, Big Ed.. What? - Big Ed was the owner and founder of Big Eds pizza.. we were told he pretty much lived at the restaurant. It appears that he is still there.

Help Them (soft), Before ya'll caught up to me.. for a long time - Marshall asked, "How long have you been here", and picked up on Sean's recorder came the response, as best we can tell, "Before ya'll caught up to me.. for a long time.

I'm drunk.. that's good! - Are the spirits having spirits?

It's alright" - Don't know what this is about.

Open a check - Perhaps a residual from a waitress in the past saying to open a check?

We're on our honeymoon - Residual, or ghost couple?

Ya'll can read, stock room - I always love it when ghosts make fun of me.. lol. I said, "What is this, stock room stuff, and got the response, "Ya'll can read" from one spirit, and then another just said, "stock room".

Ya'll (or you all) look gray - Not sure if the spirit is saying we look gray, or if he is saying another spirit looks gray, or what.

Marshall's Spirit Mike

help him
where'd you put my jeans
say what, takes a long time
neg (that is short for negative, meaning no)
Roro give us an "f"
Let's go back

Spirit mike on table
Get Back - Mark Mark is most likely talking
I like this, or Alexis
they're back
tell her this, all right, mercy
I can't get off or trampoline - To Marhsall, the one who recorded this, it sounds to him like, "I can't get off". To me (Sean), I hear, "trampoline" with what sounds like someone bouncing on a trampoline in the middle of the word. We don't seem to be able to hear what the other hears, so you decide.. or perhaps you'll hear something else.
[laugh] - A ghostly laugh
Don't give up on him or 2 points to the nephew - Marshall hears, "Don't give up on him", Sean hears, "2 points to the newphew", with what sounds like a basketball bouncing in the middle.. see what you think.
good day
Gus, come back
Get me your bandagess
I'd rather not care
come back here

Donna's voice mike
nickel up
Quit that cheating
I'm hot or maybe "a lot"
I'm right here next to you
come back

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