Our best EVPs from the Bijou Theatre investigation can be viewed as a YouTube video here:

Bijou Investigation by the ETPRS on July 22, 2006

Team members (in alphabetica order):

Robert Allen
Mike Case
Donna Dudley
Marshall Dudley
Sean Dudley
Tracy Franklin
Tesa Nauman
Thomas S.
Adam Williams

We arrived at the Bijou around 8 pm and met a number of individuals from the Bijou. Initially we were broken into groups and each group was assigned a floor. After about an hour everyone began moving to other floors.

The equipment used included EMF meters, infrared thermometers, video cameras, digital camers, and recorders. At this time we only have some pictures that are interesting to post and some EVP's, more will be posted as it becomess available.

The following pictures were taken by a Canon Sure Shot, 1600 by 1200 pixel mode. Other pictures from other investigators will be added when we get them.


Many of the photos had orbs in them. The majority were judged to be nothing more than dust. Several in the main theater may have been something else. Interestingly in every case that an orb was found over seats in the theater, they would be directly over a seat, at approximately the height of the head of a person if they were sitting there. The orbs look like regular dust orbs, and may well be. It was just interesting how they appeared to just show up where peoples heads would be if they were sitting there. We have to leave these orbs as an unknown as to if they were just dust or if there was more to them.

This exceptionally large orb was over the last seat on the row this fellow was sitting on. Big Orb I immeditely took a second picture, and the orb was gone. Orb Gone

This picture shows two orbs, a large one and a small one. Interestingly the large one is positioned directly above a seat at about the height of an adult's head. The small one is positioned directly above a seat at about the height of a child's head. Two Orbs

These two photos show a large orb in front of the left hand window. The pictures were taken several seconds apart, with the camera having been been taken down from eye level, then retuned and the second picture taken. What is remarkable is that the orb has only moved slighly during this time, if it were a dust particle it would be expected to be completely out of frame. Window Orb and Window Orb 2

Apparition photographs

One photo has what appears to be an apparition in it. It appears to be a child, either standing on the near side of the isle, or sitting on the far side of the isle. Child Ghost

Shadow Ghosts

A number of apparent Type B Shadow Ghosts were caught by the photos. All occured in either the first balcony, or the 2 level bathroom. Interestingly the 2 level bathroom would have been just under and behind most of those that occured in the balcony. There is a theory that a spirit's natural form is an orb. That a shadow ghost must return to the orb form before moving quickly out of an area. If this is true then it might be expected if a flash picture is taken, and startles it, or causes it to want to leave, it will have to return to an orb first. Interestingly some of the pictures show a picture taken immediately after the one that had a shadow ghost in it, now contain an orb.

However, we must admit that these photos could be caused by one or more fingers partially blocking out thr flash. Thus we cannot say absolutely that these do show a real shadow ghost. The viewer will have to make up their mind on these.

Left Side of Balcony
Left Side of Balcony 2 seconds later (notice the orb in front of the wall now)

Right side of Balcony
Lightened, and a line drawn in to show the approximate margin of the "mist". Note that the mist stays at essentially the same height from left to right, and from front to rear, going around the corner, until near the middle where it dips down. This shows that it could not be a flash problem.

Photo of same area as above about 2 seconds later. Notice the shadow ghost is quickly dissapating, and even more remarkable, an orb has appeared almost exactly the same place as the orb appeared previously when this happened on the opposite side.

Shadow ghost in front of control room (It's back!)

Shadow ghost at top of room in mens room behind wall of right side of balcony.

Shadow ghost in upper right of picture sneaking up on Adam from behind.


This photo shows what may be some ecktoplasm behind and above the 3rd seat over from the right, and 3 rows back.


Faces in the dark

I shot infrared video under the stage at the Bijou theater and seem to have gotten some faces that showed up. Some of the faces appear to be actors in costume. Is this from energry left over from plays? (The images are small because they are the actual size that they showed up on the video. If I tried to enlarge them much they got too blocky.) Please note that these faces were in mid air. There shouldn't have been anything where these faces were appearing on the video. These are the faces I was able to pull out of the video footage:

This one looks to me like a male looking off to the right. His nose, eyes and chin seem very pronounced. Also, there looks to be black ears on top of his head. There also appears to be wiskers on his face off the side of his mouth and a lot of wavy hair. This looks to me to be the lion from the Wizard of Oz which I'm sure played at the Bijou at times.

This doesn't look quite human to me. Looks to me like some sort of alien or creature. I see a rounded head, 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth with a pronounced chen.

I can see a face which seems to be looking pretty close to straight ahead. There appears to be another face above the main face which doesn't look human. It appears to have 2 large black eyes.


EVPs which Sean & Donna got were recorded on Sony ICD-B16 digital recorders.
EVPs which Robert got were recorded on an RCA RP5020A digital recorder.

EVPs recorded by Sean Dudley:

Hi... sit up here - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor shortly after we went up there. It appears to be one spirit saying "hi" to another, and then the second spirit saying, "Sit up here".

I wish we could do that - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor. I'm not sure what she is saying she wishes she could do.

Feel it - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor.

Don't get me - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor.

Is that Vilum? - This EVP seems to say, "Is that Vilum" (I may have the name wrong, that's what is sounds like to me), and then very faintly, you can hear another EVP immediately after that sounds like, "Really looks like me". Maybe one spirit was kidding around to another that one of us looked a lot like Vilum, the spirit next to her, and he comments back, "Really looks like me". I wonder which of us has Vilum for a dopple-ganger? This was obtained on the 4th floor.

Goodnight - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor.

Get Back! - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor. It comes over top of an investigator talking and seems to say, "Get Back" quite loudly.

Ohh - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor. It simply says, "ohh".

Porter found the ball... oh my God!" - This was obtained on the 4th floor, and seems to be 2 spirits. I have no idea what this is about.

The police are coming back... Get outta here... they're pointing at me! - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor room where previously the General died (Brigadier William P Sanders). (The last EVP [the one about "they're pointing at me"] is coming in under some human speech that is totally garbled by the EVP.) It appears they mistook us as plain clothed police and when I pointed in the room to point out the generals room I scared one of them half to death. We were carrying flashlights, an infrared temperature sensing gun that looks a lot like a handgun, and audio recorders and camcorders which could be mistaken as weapons by entities from long ago.

Where you been boy - This whisper EVP was obtained on the 4th floor.

I know those people are with you. - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor.

Give me your cap - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor.

Threw something out.. what was that? - No idea what this EVP is about. It was obtained on the 4th floor.

Whatta ya think? - Recorded on the 4th floor.

Really - Tracy (an ETPRS investigator) was saying that we could try provoking entities to try and get them to move things, etc. This EVP came through as he was saying it. It seems to be saying, "Really" The spirit seemed to say it in a sarcastic voice.

Tell her Gordon - I guess this spirit wanted Gordon (another spirit) to tell "her" something. This was recorded on the 4th floor.

Do you have a gong? I do - Someone thought it would be funny to recite a little Shakespeare on stage at the Bijou theater and said a couple of lines. Tracy (researcher) said, "Do you have a gong?" There is an EVP response, "I do" (it is a whisper response). The last part of the word "do" gets cut off a little due to laughter breaking out. This was recorded in the main auditorium on the 1st floor.

The Shower's Cold - This EVP was obtained on the 4th floor. This file contains 2 EVPs, the 2nd one seems to be response to the first. The first one says, "This time let's take a quick shower", and then comes the response, "The shower's cold". We think this may be a residual haunting in that the voices from long ago are repeating, but they weren't necessarily still there. (There isn't a shower located in that room any more, but there was at one time.) There was 9 seconds of dead time between the 1st and 2nd EVP, but some of the dead time has been removed.

Right! - This spirit seems to be very loudly saying, "Right". It came in over a researcher talking on the forth floor. Tracy (the researcher) was saying something and used the word "right", and about 2 seconds later is this EVP that come in loud and clear over his talking in a female voice that says, "right!"

OK, I'm out - This EVP was obtained on the 1st floor in the auditorium. The young girl in our group (Becky) said, "I wanna stay till suns out", and then a spirit says, "Kay, I'm out" or maybe, "OK, I'm out", probably an attempt at some humor.

Call Paige.. Adrian too? Ya'll stay.. pretty please - This EVP was recorded on the 1st floor in the auditorium. It seems be 3 young girl spirits and seems to say, "Call Paige... Adrian, too? ... Ya'll stay... Pretty please". You will hear a little talking in the background by living people.

Leave us alone - This EVP was obtained on the 1st floor auditorium.

Why? - After I asked, "Any activity much reported down here" (in the basement), I received this EVP, "Why?"

About time! Help me! - This EVP was obtained in a small utility room in the basement. Note that there are a couple of distinct connect sounds before this EVP.

Let me come out - I think this EVP is the same spirit as the one above. This EVP came in 36 seconds after the above one in the same small utility room. (By the way, this EVP has a slight chuckle at the end. I was standing next to another investigator and chuckled about something. This EVP came in in the middle of us talking.)

They call me Gritch - I said, "Anybody in here with us" and 34 seconds later came this EVP, "They call me Gritch". He seems to be giving us his (nick)name. There is a static sounding disconnect sound after he says it. Note that gritch is a portmanteau of "gripe" and "bitch", so he may be a complainer. Recorded in a small utility room in the basement. (NOTE: In this audio file, you will hear me ask if anyone is in there with us, and the reply, but some of the 34 seconds of "dead time" has been removed.)

Hey Boss - Recorded in the basement. Very loud "disconnect" sound. (Many EVPs have "connect" and / or "disconnect" sounds associated with them.)

Do us a favor - This EVP was captured in the main auditorium while we were having our groups assigned and finding out who comprising the different groups. Notice the "disconnect" sound after the EVP.

Come Here - This EVP was recorded in the first floor auditorium.

Get out! - This EVP was recorded in the first floor auditorium. It came in over a researcher talking.

I'm not ringing - I think this EVP is hilarious. There is a phone ringing sound and Tesa says, "Someone ringing", and I (Sean) respond, "Not me", then comes an EVP that sounds like, "Why is your foot down?", and then another EVP of, "Is there a problem?", and then the really funny part, another EVP that responds to Tesa and says, "I'm not ringing". This was recorded in the 1st floor main auditorium.

You can choose Marta - Right after we got done getting our groups assigned came this EVP, "You can choose Marta" There is also a female voice EVP that says, "I'd love to" which is overlapped by part of "Marta".

Whatta we do? - Right as we were starting to all go our seperate ways and investigate the auditorium, this EVP was obtained in the first floor main auditorium.

We are not afraid - This EVP was obtained right as Tracy yelled to turn the lights off. The EVP comes right after, "We are not afraid". The EVP comes in under some talking.

Becker - Recorded in the basement.

That a boy - This EVP was obtained in the first floor auditorium.

Cary - Seems to be a spirit calling another spirit named Cary perhaps.. recorded in the 1st floor auditorium.

Hey.. hello - Becky was wondering where the restroom was at which myself and Tesa were next to. I said, "Hey" to get her attention, and then told her the restrooms were right there. Right after I said, "Hey", aparently a spirit took it that I was saying "Hey" as in "Hello" to him, and responded "Hello".

Here boy - 1st floor

Don't bother her - 1st floor

Come along down here - 1st floor... right after I had commented that we had spent too much time on the 1st floor and I was ready to move to another floor came this EVP.

Lock the bathroom - 4th floor

Rebecca - 4th floor

We gotta go - 2nd floor - Was recorded as we were "passing through" the 2nd floor on our way to the 4th floor.

Hope's gonna get supper - 4th floor

He won't come out there - Obtained when I was trying to get a picture of the general. I say, "Come on ghost, get in the picture", and then the response, "He won't come out there". (I was in the room the General died in.)

Ohh, Sanford - 4th floor

Squeaky Window - Adam and I were on the 2nd floor in the ladies restroom. There were no living ladies in the restroom. In the restroom is a frosted window, and I commented, "A frosted window", and immediately after came this EVP in a female voice, "Squeaky window".

Cat's eye - 4th floor

Come here - 1st floor

Mildly Creepy - Adam and I (Sean) had just gone into the restroom. Adam said, "Mildly creepy" about something, and an unseen presence repeated him, "Mildly creepy". (The spirit voice was raised in volume by 10 db to make it easier to hear, but Adams voice was left at the origional volume.) Recorded in the 2nd floor mens room.

Come with us - This EVP was recorded 4 seconds after the EVP above in the same mens restroom. Adam and I were the only ones in the restroom (in fact, we were the only ones on the 2nd floor). There were definately no living ladies saying, "Come with us" in the mens restroom!

EVPs recorded by Donna Dudley:

I feel sorry for you (or possibly "I feel sorrow for you") - Have no idea who the spirit is talking to, or why or who she felt sorry (or sorrow) for. - 4th floor.

Keep Her - Not sure what this is about. - 4th floor.

Throw the bitch out or You let'r bitch out - Some here think this EVP says, "Throw the bitch out" and others think it says, "You let'r bit out". You be the judge. - 4th floor

Yea I bawled em out - Not sure who it was he bawled out - 4th floor

Yes they could - Not sure who could do what on this one - 4th floor

You wanted to F*** her or He wanted to F*** her - Must have been from the bordello days. (We think this may be a residual haunting of something that was said long ago, and the spirit isn't necessarily present.) - 4th floor
You wanted to F*** her [slowed by 25%]

Get Cole, he's supposed to be here. - 2nd floor

Go away - 2nd floor

What'd they do? - This EVP seems to have extremely loud connect and disconnect sounds. - 1st floor

OK, over there, where were we, the witch is not there, hello, OK - As best I can tell, this starts off with an "OK" EVP, and then comes an EVP which sounds to me like, "Over there" in a whisper which comes in under a bump bump sound, and then an EVP of, "Where were we", then a EVP voice that sounds to me like, "The witch is not there", then an EVP "Hello", and then an EVP, "OK". This EVP was recorded behind the stage on the 1st floor.

Glad to meet you - This spirit really goes well with my web site name (friendly ghosts). Recorded on the 2nd floor.
Glad to meet you - Slowed - Same EVP as above, but slowed down some.

Come Back - Recorded on the 3rd floor balcony.

Where you from? - Was this spirit asking where Donna or Marshall were from? Recorded on the 3rd floor balcony.

Hey - Recorded on the 3rd floor balcony.

I wish I had - Not sure what this is about. Recorded on the 4th floor.

EVPs recorded by Robert Allen:

That's her - Recorded on the 2nd floor.

I give it all to the stage - Probably a performer from long ago. Recorded on the 2nd floor.

Keep Out - Unsure which floor this was recorded on.

Get Back! - Recorded on the 4th floor.

Hey - Recorded on the 4th floor.

Push my button - Recorded on the 4th floor.

Tens - Recorded on the 4th floor.

Keep off that, lunk head - Recorded on the 4th floor.

Get out of the ballroom - 4th floor

Bounce - 4th floor

It's cold - 4th floor

Hell No - Robert says, "Is there someone here who would like to communicate with us", and then comes the extremely clear immediate response, "Hell No". EVP response amplified. - 4th floor

Walk with me - 4th floor

"I'm very cold" or "I'm afraid too" - 4th floor

Go slow - What can I say? This did used to be a brothel. - 4th floor

Rent this room, f**kin' ass scary - 4th floor

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