Our 2nd investigation at the Bijou Theater

EVPs recorded by Sean Dudley:

Behind the stairs, she don't know Amber Brill, if you can pass the drug sheet - Here are 3 EVPs which came in back to back. I don't know what "if you can pass the drug sheet" would mean, and I'm likely misunderstanding what is being said on that one.

Am I getting through? You're coming through. - This seems to be one EVP asking if they are coming through, and then another entity responding that they are getting through. (EVPs plays as it was recorded, and then again in a slightly cleaned and amplified version.)

And we can get a checkout... and a smaller room - Probably a residual from the days the Bijou was a hotel.. seems to say, "And we can get a checkout, and a smaller room." Perhaps the guest was already checked into a room, but wanted to check out of that room and check into a smaller room. (The EVP studders at be beginning.)

Annie Swore

Aren't you proud of Vernon? - EVP played twice, once as recorded, once cleaned a little and amplified.

Are you crying.. crying - This EVP seems to say, "Are you crying, crying", and then there is another EVP under it which sounds to me something like, "There's a better kind of cream puff".

Michael Dunn - I say, "Are you still with us", and get a response which appears to be the spirits name, "Michael Dunn". (EVP response played normally, and then again amplified.)

Bad acting, did they pay for a suite? - Best I can tell, this says, "Bad acting" at the beginning, and then in a female voice is, "Did they pay for a suite?".

Bullshit - Foul mothed spirit.. you'll hear my voice at the very beginning.

Cadaver - Strange thing to capture, but it just sounds like "cadaver" to me.

Can't get a thing for your quarter. - Very nice EVP, probably a residual unless they are using ghostly quarters.

Connie put something on you - I suppose thing can be taken 2 different ways.. the spirit could be saying that Connie put something on someone else, or she could be saying to Connie, "Put something on you", as in put some clothes on.

Dennis, I'm in, too - Playing poker?

Diet Rite - I say, "Yeah, I think I will take a drink.. what do you have, Diet Rite, and then Donna responds, back, "Yeah, there's a couple of those", and then the EVP, "Diet Rite".

Doc Ingrid - The 4th floor of the Bijou was a make-shift hospital at one time, so this one makes some sense.

Don't vote.. don't YOU vote - I'm guessing someone did something the other thought was dumb, so he said, "Don't vote", and then the other one responded back, "Don't YOU vote".

Do you wanna go up there?

Everybody's coming into the light, he was never coming back - This is two EVPs which overlap. One seems to me to say, "Everybody's coming into the light", and the other one seems to say, "He never was coming back". Very interesting, seems to suggest the spirits and coming and going from the light perhaps.

First corner pot goes in here - Intersting.. perhaps a residual from back in the hotel days when they are getting ready to put plants in the corners of the room?

Forget the spoon - Seems to say, - "Forget the spoon", and then there is another EVP which I can't make out.

For what reason? - I ask the spirit (General William P Sanders who died in the hotel room) to get in front of my camera so I can get a picture of him. I got the response of, "For what reason?" (EVP is played at normal volume, and then again amplified at the end.)

Get Back - Very common EVP, but it's a good one.

Go outside.. hurry up - Two whisper EVPs, "Go outside" and "Hurry up".

Help Her

He probably won't want to talk to me - Spirit seems to say, "He probably won't want to talk to me", and then there is also another EVP which overlaps it which seems to say, "I'm happy" in a whisper voice.

Hold the gun - Seems to start off as a soft whisper saying, "Hold the gun", and then shortly after as a voice which says the same thing.

How'd it go? - This came in when we were getting ready to leave the Bijou.. seems to be asking, "how'd it go?"

I can't move to you - Seems to start out as a whisper voice saying "I can't", and then moves into a female voice which sounds like, "move to you".

If you see a rat - I say, "There's a mouse in her mom, just so you know", and then my mom says, "I'm not worried".. then comes an EVP which seems to say, "If you see a rat..." Unfortunately someone started talking over this EVP, so nothing can be heard after "if you see a rat".

I like the stage - Probably a performer from the past.. EVP plyaed normally first, and then again cleaned.

I'm dead - Seems to be stating the obvious.

I'm gonna have to go to Christie's, don't ya know

I need to fuck her - Probably from the bordello days.

I need to get something - Whisper voice, but clear.

Is Katy Bell an option? - This could be a residual from the bordello asking the john if she would be acceptable, or perhaps asking if she was an option for a play.

It's good - Just the words, "It's good" in a female voice.

It's, it's not good - I am asking the spirits to light the lights on a K2 meter to show me they are there. I say that it is one of the ways we can communicate with them. The EVP then comes in, "It's, it's not good". I then say, "I hear that", and I get the EVP response, "Do ya?". When I said, "I hear that", it was in response to something else.. I'm not sure what at this point, but I did not hear the voice in real time. I think the spirit took me saying it as being in response to what he said, though, and so he responded, "Do ya?".

I want a cookie - Not sure if this is a residual, or if the spirit wants some sort of ghostly cookie.

I want my woman - I asked what some of the plays the spirit performed in were, and got a response, "I want my woman". Not sure if this was the name of a play, but I'm doubting it. EVP response amplified and cleaned at the end of the clip.

Jump - The word "Jump" in a female voice.

Keep your head on straight

Kelly's got some heartburn - I think this says, "Kelly got some heartburn" in a female voice. Unfortunately I spoke over it somewhat.

I love it - I was telling Marshall I found a mouse, and I get an EVP response of what sounds like a cuckoo clock, and then, "I love it".

Nothing could be worth it One of the investigators says, "If you don't want to make a noise, could you knock on something", and gets the EVP response of, "Nothing could be worth it". EVP response played at normal volume, and then amplified at the end of the clip.

One more seat - Probably a residual in the auditorium.

Please help me - Please help me EVP in a female voice.

Pretty, weren't ya? - Loud connect sound.

Right there? We'll see - I am asking the spirits to try and light the lights on the K2 meter. I say, "ok, there seems to be something maybe here, could you please go ahead and try to light it up further", and then comes the first EVP response in a female voice, "Right there". Then, I talk some more, and at the very end of the clip is another EVP which I think says, "We'll see".

See that fucker - Played as recorded, and then played again cleaned.

Shoot, it's not for a second - Here we have a memicking EVP. Some investigators were getting some good K2 readings, and I wanted to put my K2 in the area also to see if both of them would be reading the same thing. I said, "Don't mind me, I'm just going to put mine right in this area for a second", and then we got the EVP response, "Shoot, it's not for a second" in a clear male voice. I believe this is a good example of what is called the memicking phenomonon in which the spirit/entity says what they want to say in your voice. So, I didn't say, "shoot, it's not for a second", but it sounds just like me. When it is done, though, I am still in mid-sentence since the my sentence was converted into the EVP. After this happeend, the activity went away completely. I think I ran the spirit off, and by saying, "shoot, it's not for a second" he was saying that he was getting tired of playing.

Shoot it's not for a second [EVP only]

We must get in line.. Somebody get in the line - Probably a residual of some people going to see a show. 2 EVPs, first a male voice says, "We must get in line", and then a female voice says, "Somebody get in the line".

Stop it - Don't know who was supposed to stop what.

Tell him we're happy - A spirit telling the others to tell us investigators that they are happy?

Tell me your name.. I'm Fred - Randy asked for the spirit to tell him his name, and he did.

That movie stunk - Well, they have played movies at the Bijou in the past. Played as it came in, and then again cleaned.

The song - The investigator asked if it was him that made a noise in the back, to make another noise, and then this EVP, "The song".. yes, sing a song, that would have been great! :)

They're behind you - I said, "flash" as I was taking a picture (to let the other investigators know), and aparently I was facing the wrong direction according to this EVP.

Tonight let's fuck her again.. might move in - Two EVPs, the first one seems to say, "Tonight, let's fuck her again" (remember, this was a bordello), and then the second one seems to say, "Might move in" or "Nice movin'" or something like that.

Turn them lights up, bro

Wait a minute - Whisper voice, wanted us or someone else to wait a minute.

Wait for Aaron, too - First part comes in under me saying, "yeah".

We're are not getting through - This is a whisper EVP which says, "we are not getting through" quite softly, and then repeats again a little bit louder. (the EVP came through twice, like an echo). This comes in under some speech. You need to listen for the whispering under the human speech.

What the hell.. what the hell is that? - No idea what this entity was seeing, but something sure caught his attention!

Whoa.. striped cat - A ghost cat?

Whom do you believe in? - This is 2 EVPs, the first one seems to say, "You don't, you don't seem to be immune to demons", and then the 2nd one seems to say, "Whom do you believe in?"

Whose got the old room?

Hey.. Will you check on mine?

Wipe them stairs - Probably a residual telling someone to clean the stairs.

You got us all groovy

You must have a look.. get your wife a rock. - Male EVP voice, "You must have a look", female EVP voice, "Get your wife a rock". A rock? Are they talking about a cocaine rock I wonder? Or, perhaps selling a diamond rock?

You're dead - One spirit informing another they are dead it seems. Played as recorded, and then again cleaned.

You summoned me to the room - Perhaps a residual from the hotel days of the bell boy speaking?

You wanna hang around us? You'll be king - I wonder if they were talking to me? Hard to say, very interesting EVP.

You want back here under the stairs - When I was talking to Marshall about getting a little bit of a K2 response, I immediately got an EVP which seems to tell me where I need to go. EVP response repeated a few times at the end of the clip.

You won't get me - It appears to be a spirit who didn't want to play with us.

EVPs recorded by Marshall Dudley with the Spirit Mike:

Al bets two - Hard to be sure what this one is saying.. Al bets two, Al bids two, I'll bid two are some of the possibilities.

2 out of 3 - Must be doing the "2 out of 3 wins" thing.

Come back

TwentyFive - Sounds like 25 after Sean asks how many spirits are there

I love You - Very nice, clear EVP


Go back to that block, Suzie

Up here's the fern

I'm Young - Very clear female voice.. she wants you to know she is young!

Don't screw this up. OK - The OK appears to be an answer from another entity.

Look Around

ok, look alert

What's wrong

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