Evidence from home in Church Hill Tennessee Investigation on 11/27/2010 with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society

EVP's recorded by Sean Dudley using Sony recorder

Hi Sean
You got that light bulb?
That's Fred Astaire.. Oh God Have no idea what this is about, Fred was not there that we knew.
Who has the doll?
Yes, I can.
Let me get back down there. - This is a very cool one because of context. Marshall had gotten a ghostly handprint on his liquid crystal sheet (shown below), and another investigator and I were wondering if perhaps the spirit who made the print showed up on an infrared camera that was in the area. As we were talking about the possibility, aparently the spirit who made the print chimed in with, "Let me get back down there", presumably so we could try to record his image.

Evps recorded by Donna Dudley using sony recorder

A pretty shirt
That's along my favorite
I'm hungry
There's a war on nowProbably a residual.

Evps recorded by Marshall Dudley using Tennessee Spirit Mike

A pretty shirt Compare with above to see S/N improvement with Spirit Mike.
Mom give us the comb
Who has the doll Compare with above to see S/N improvement with Spirit Mike.
Who's there now?
Someting's wrong now
Who's out there (low voice), Oh my God! whiny voice (same time)
I'm off her One of the people there has asked for me to check the people around the table for any attachments, I found one lady had an attachment, and asked the angels to remove it. This evp came immediately after that request, appearing to sauy that it was no longer attached.
It's a weight fee Probably a residual.
James Black
That's mine Probably the husband who was in spirit.

In the image below we have what appears to be the handprint of the husband who we think was there in spirit. We used a liquid crystal crystal sheet which is sensitive to temparatures and asked the spirit to place his hand on the sheet. He placed it so that part of the hand was on 4 different sheets, making it obvious that this was not a defect on any one sheet. The spirit's hand which is the lighter blue (greenish) print in the center. To the right you will see where I placed my hand on the sheet, and quickly removed it. It left a print which was dark blue, which indicates that my hand was warmer than the ambient temperature. The spirit print was shifted toward the green/yellow, indicating that it was colder than ambient. As far as I know this is the first time liquid crystal has been used to try to get an image from a spirit, and the first time one has been obtained. Unfortunately the sheet is very slick, making it difficult to photgraph without a lot of reflection.

Handprint of spirit left on liquid crystal sheet:

This may prove to be an excellent way of obtaining evidence of spirits who are willing to cooperate and place their hand on the sheet. One must prepare the sheet probperly though for this to work. If the sheet is not prepared then the print will show for a few seconds, then disappear before you can likely get a picture of it unless you are able to catch it on video.

Liquid crystal sheet has a property called hysteresis. That is the color going up in temperature is slightly different than going down in temperature, if a certain temperature that is off scale is exceeded. Since a spirit will cause a drop in temperature, it is important to expose the sheet to a temperature higher than it's high end. We used a sheet that ranges from 68 to 78 degrees faranheit. To set it properly put it in the sun until it becomes black, or use a hair dryer to heat it beyond color area into the black by 10 to 20 degrees. That is take it up to 90 to 100 or so degrees. Then let it cool. To test that you did it right you can take a piece of ice and apply it to the sheet, then remove it. If the sheet is working then the place the ice was placed will show a difference in shade long after it has returned to normal room temperature. Of course one you test it, you will need to heat it up again to reset it. To not heat it too high or you might damage the sheet.
The sheet is available in 1X1 ft. squares for around $23 each from a number of sources, such as Edmund Scientific, Education Innovations and scientifics online. Note that the hysteressis effect that I depened on for this photo is considered undesirable by the manufacturer, and although I expect all sheets will do this to a greater or lesser extent, they do not guarantee it.

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