Cleveland Investigation

EVPS - In alphabetical order. Recorded by Marshall & Donna. Most EVPs are not modified at all, a few have had hiss reduction applied, and amplitude increased

Are you mad? Recorded by Donna in back room, out of context, probably a residual.
Behind you Recorded by Marshall, out of context
Be nice Recorded by Donna.
Bunch. Get backTwo different voices
Bren Recorded by Donna, appears to be one spirit calling another. We had no Brenda there. The Keith Naughty Brenda below was recorded by Donna 3 minutes earlier.
Call Blake Recorded by Marshall, We had no Blake there.
Christy go Recorded by Marshall. If you listen carefully it says "where'd Christy go, to the parking lot. There was no Cristy there.
Come back here Recorded by Donna Starnge sounding.
Talking to Daven's dad didn't say anything to Kevin, load them up and [loud chambering of shotgun sound] Recorded by Marshall. Probably a residual, the sound of chambering the gun at the end is interesting.
Don't say what Marshall's Recording. Donna was talking about something, and I say "[You] don't say". Then a spirit replies "Don't say what?".
Falcon, hell, nest to perkings Sounds like 2 way radio military communication, likely a residual
Get Back From Marshall's recording. This was when we were on the roof, and I got close to the edge to look down.
Get Back
Get Back
Huh? Get mom From Marshall's recorder.
Go check it Marshall's recorder. This was right after Donna asked if anyone heard a "ding" and was asking if anyone opened a door.
Got them Donna's recorder. Could be GD instead.
Harass her Donna's recording
Here say it - I saw you in Iberg Marshall's recording, probably a residual
How bout some luck From Marshall's recording, in response to his question of "Is there anything you would like me to tell the doctor."
How do This is part of a longer sequence, posted below. I think several spirits may have been showing up at this point.
Hurts Donna's recorder, in the treatment area, probably a residual.
I can't be perfect Donna's recorder. Donna asked how many people have had experiences there, and was told about 10, but some don't work there any more.
I can't find myself Marshall's recorder, does not seem to be within context of conversation.
I hate you Marshall's recorder. Doc had said that something had moved his compass, and I came in and was recording. He asked them to move the needle again, and I had just said I had switched to "night shot/infrared"
It fits, It's ok Donna's recording. This was in response to Donna saying that the room that the doc said people are told they have cancer in has the feel of a lot of fear and sadness in it.
It's been a while First part soft lady's voice, last part louder male voice. Bumps imply possibly a new spirit just showed up.
It's ok, I'd like to order Marshall's recording, probably a residual.
Marshall's recorder. Take that order bud received right after the one above that said I'd like to order
It's stopped Marshall's recorder. This is part of a longer sequence, where two of us are trying to figure out some anomolous emf readings, which were moving around. Before this you can hear one of the spirits laugh out loud at our frustration, and this is mocking me when I said that the emf stopped.
I've enjoyed Donna's recorder. [can't make out the last part]
Keith - naughty Brenda Donna's recording. A spirit calling Bren[da] is recorded 3 minutes later. There was neither a Keith or Brenda with us.
Look at his Marshal's recorder. This is part of the same sequence that "It's stopped" was, Denise was saying that she was getting a reading, and it is saying to look at what Marshall's was doing. Immediately after this, Marshall's emf shot up.
Looks like she's 3 or 4 years old Donna's recording. Donna was showing pictures of her granddaughter to the doctor, who is 6.
No novac Donna's recording, have no idea what this is about.
Of course its Straunton, see what I mean In response to our high EMF readings in a front room
Oh boy Marshall's recording. This occurred while I was swapping out batteries in Donna's recorder which suddenly went dead.
I'm Pattie Donna's recorder. We did not have a Pattie there.
Push on, so my butt don't get hurt, he can show you my butt Marshall's recording. This was recorded just when we walked into the front room that where patients are told of their condition. Probably a residual.
Run Paulette Marshall's recorder, no context, probably a residual.
She's running like heck Marshall's recorder.
Shit. that's terriable Donna's recorder, during a quiet period, probably a residual.
Stalking or Shocking When it was mentioned that we often get spirits in bath rooms
That's the interesting part Donna's recorder. In response to Sean talking about how to do an OBE, and how you can see with yoru eyes shut right before leaving.
That won't come back Marshall's recorder. No context
To lie can be helpful Marshall's recorder. In response to him asking "Is there anything you would like me to tell the doctor"
Walk through hell Marshall's recorder. Following Robert saying he is going back to some room.
What color Lady In response to the client saying that she saw a colored lady, this is really rather funny, it is as if the spirit does not understand that colored lady means African American
What do you say - I'd like to leave you Donna's recorder. Not context, probably a residual.
What is going on in our relationship - pipe down and listen Donna's recorder. No context, probably a residual.
What in the hell's the matter Marshall's recorder. No context, probably a residual.
Who's Karen Wiseman? Marshall's recorder. No one there by that name, no context.
Why don't you shut up Donna's recorder.
You know - I know Marshall's recorder. No context, probably a residual
Evp Sequence This long sequence was recorded with Denise and Marshall by Marshall, in an area where we were getting odd EMF spikes. It sounds like they are having a delightful time trying to confuse us with the emf spikes. You can actually hear them laugh a few times. This has had hiss reduction applied.

EVPs recorded by Sean:

Achoo - Rather strange EVP, a spirit seems to say achoo, but it doesn't sound like an actual sneeze.
Bathroom, Buddy - I was talking to another investigator and said, "I think you found the.. what is it, laundry", and then comes the EVP, "Bathroom Buddy". I say "or bathroom" over the EVP a little, but it's still easy to hear.
Bell Witch - The investigator I was with said something which I can't make out, but then came in EVP aparently commenting on what she had said. The EVP says, "Bell Witch", and then the investigator says, "Bell Witch Cave", and then I say, "Bell Witch".
Can you stay right there?
Come looking
Doubt she cares
Go back
78, God your a wild client.. ok - This is a very weird EVP. It seems to say "78", then then some loud, odd sound, then what sounds to me like, "God, you're a wild client", and then "ok".
Heat my laundry, sickle - That's what it sounds like to me, anyway. Perhaps the part which sounds like "sickle" to me is a name? Perhaps this is a residual EVP?
Hey dad, I'm giving him this Playboy
Hi Sean - Aparently this spirit was paying attention and remembered my name.
I can't breathe - Perhaps a residual from the doctors office where a pateint was having trouble breathing?
I don't know the kid
I don't like it here - Recorded in the attic area
I'll show you - A lady that works at the doctors office was telling me that it's not that easy to get into the attic area and I probably wouldn't want to go in there. Then came the EVP, "I'll show you"
Is this my dubie?
Let's not break the door.. break it - I said, "lets not break the door", and then the EVP came, "break it"
Cool, Lina, don't stick her
Roy's over there
The white men are ready
Stand above her

Video Evidence (recorded by Marshall)

Normal picture, nothing anomalous

Something has appeared in front of her arm, darkening it. Not sure if this is actually there, or casting a shadow

Don't see anything in this next field, "shadow" may have moved up to black area above arm

Area above arm now show a vague "rope" showing up, could be same thing as above but "condensing". Also another "rope" is appearing on her hand.

Upper rope is shrinking in width and gaining form. Lower rope now has an orb at the end of it

Upper rope now well defined, lower one with orb better defined.

Upper rope even more sharply defined and continuing to move up, lower one moves also.

Rope on lower one seems to have straightend out to be horizontal.

Slight movement in positions

Upper rope is fading

Upper rope has faded. Lover rope/orb starting to move down.

Lower rope and orb moving down

Lower rope and orb moving down

Lower rope and orb moving down

Lower rope and orb moving down, smearing is from the high speed of movement.

"Shadow" on hand again

Everything back to normal now

Full time of sequence is 0.27 seconds.

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