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These EVPs were obtained in the Concord Cemetary on April 28th, 2007.

Back in April of 2007, I was with someone named Cindy who proclaimed herself to be a psychic, although I don't really believe she was. She wanted to go with me to a cemetary and see if we could get some recordings. She kept saying that the spirits were wanting to pass through her, telling me not to walk in certain spots because the spirits wouldn't like it, and telling me what the spirits were saying (although what she said they said never showed up as any EVPs). Anyway, the spirits didn't seem to care for what she was saying. Below are the EVPs from that day.

The EVPs pertaining to Cindy:

That's his girlfriend, let's help him - Apparently the spirit thought she was my girlfriend, but she was not.
Where did he and Cindy go? - Apparently one of them had lost track of us and was wondering where we had gone.
Know you hear us, die! - They really didn't seem to care for Cindy. Also, if you listen carefully between the, "Know you hear us" and the "die", you can hear another EVP which seems to say, "we'll see". Cindy proclaimed her abilities to hear spirit voices without a recorder on a regular basis, so perhaps this is what the spirits are referring to.
Unh Uh, don't tell him that! - Cindy says, "Another one who wants to pass through me", and immediately the clear EVP response of, "Unh Uh, Don't tell him that".

We also got some good EVPs which didn't have to do with Cindy, which are as follows:

Bye, Jennifer - There were no living Jennifer's there.
Right now
Thank you
It's hot
I think I can help it

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