EVP Questions & Answers

Q. Can you hear an EVP with your own ears when it is recorded?
A. Usually you can not. EVPs are typically only heard on play back unless you are using a real time recorder such as an RT-EVP or Marantz PMD-221 or PMD-430 recorder that lets you listen to the audio being recorded real time. If the voice is actually audible in the room, it is actually called a disembodied voice as opposed to an EVP. A good example of a disembodied voice which was whispered into my ear at a cemetary can he heard here: I'm Waiting).

Q. Can EVPs be long, or are they always short, just a few words?
A. EVPs typically don't go over about 5 words, and are usually not longer than a few seconds from any one spirit. It appears that spirits are only able to communicate to us for a few seconds after which time they have to "recharge" before they can communicate again. Sometimes you get segments that go longer that involve many spirits where one gets done talking, and another takes over, all talking about the same thing, each using their energy.

Q. Is there a clasification system for EVPs?
A. Yes, there is:

Class A - For an EVP to receive a Class A rating it must be a very clear voice and everyone that listens to the recording agrees on what is being said by the spirit.

Class B - An EVP that can be understood and most people agree on what is being said.

Class C - The worst quality EVPs. There isn't a lot of agreement between people about what they say if the person can make it out at all.

Q. Are class A EVPs very unusual?
A. There seem to be a number of people who say this. I just read where one site says that only about 1 in 1,000 EVPs are class A. From my experience, I would say around 1 in every 4 or 5 EVPs that I record is a class A EVP, so aparently there are some variables. I think one is the recorder you use (I use a Sony ICD-B16 which works very well), and where you record. I have found some spots where you pretty much get non-stop class A EVPs, and some spots where you can't seem to get any class A EVPs at all. (From my own personal experience, buildings which are haunted produce much better EVPs than cemeteries. Cemeteries seem to usually produce whisper EVPs where as I get lots of voice EVPs in haunted buildings... as well as some whisper EVPs)

Q. Why don't spirits tell us much, and why do they commonly say things that don't seem to make any sense?
A. Many times, they don't seem to say anything that makes sense to us. I think this is for a couple of reasons. 1. Because we are picking up small parts of their conversations between themselves. 2. In the case of class C EVPs, different people hear different things, so usually it isn't what was actually said. I do have many which do say things very specific, though. For instance, I now know where a spirit is trapped and am going help him. The way I know this is because when I went into the small room, I received the EVP, "About time.. help me", and then 36 seconds later in the same room, "Let me come out". There was probably a 36 second pause because it took that long before he could get another message across.

Q. I have heard that when spirits are asked questions such as if there is reincarnation, some say yes, and some say no. Why don't they know?
A. I beleive that until a spirit goes to the light, they don't know any more than we do about things like reincarnation. They are just sticking around here, and aren't informed of such things. They are basically just like they were when they were alive while they stick around here, and don't progress or find out about things like reincarnation until they go to the light (I am assuming they find out then.. don't really know). So, their answer to that question is probably what they beleived while they were alive.

Q. I've heard that you need to have white noise to record EVPs, is this true?
A. No, you don't need to have a white noise source generally. At least with the recorder I use which is a digital recorder, it does very well without any external white noise being introduced. Some people do use white noise, which may help some of the very faint EVPs to be able to form a little better, but it just adds more noise on the better EVPs and makes them harder to hear, so personally I don't like the idea of using any white noise.

Q. I have read that all EVPs are is people hearing things in white noise which is not really there.. that the brain is wired in such a way as to try and make sense out of chaos, thus you can hear voices that are not really there. Another theory I have heard is that what is really happening is people are picking up AM radio or CB transmissions. Is this true?
A. Lets take these one at a time:

Regarding the white noise question, I don't know of anyone who has actually thought they could make something out of just white noise. I have heard some people post what sounds like just some sounds and indicate they are saying something, though. Some people are so anxious to try and get an EVP that they sometimes mistake something that isn't an EVP such as some noises as an EVP. Any good quality EVP could not possibly be confused with just some noises, though.

Regarding the question about AM radio and CBs being picked up, that doesn't make any sense, really. First of all, people are using recorders, they aren't made to pick up AM or CB transmissions. If they did pick up such things, they would sound like AM radio with commercials, songs, etc, and if it was CB, you would probably get a lot of things on your recordings like, "10-4" and "Comeback". Instead, you get EVPs commenting on what you are doing, a situation that is happening, something you said, or a direct answer to a question in many cases.

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