Evidence from investigation of a Chapel in Sevier County Tn. in Oct. of 2007

None of the names in the EVPs except for Marshall, were there physcially(p) EVP's from Marshall's recorder, in order recorded:

Tom Richard's Black Cat In response to being asked "Do something to show us you're here.
Beth, Beth, YeahMaybe one spirit calling another (there was no beth there)
P. Singer in response to being asked "What is your name. (soft by very clear)
Tom Richardson in response to being asked "What is your name. Good disconnect at end
Cory with connect sound
Get Back (very clear)
Back with several connect/disconnect sounds
Wait with a good connect sound

EVP's from Donna's recorder, in order recorded:

Taking about Me (very clear) when Tesa was telling about a ghost pushing someone there
I Stomped Her Hair (male voice, very clear) when they were discussing something pulling a girl's hair
Michael Horton (Class A, very clear and loud) came in when they were still discussing something pulling a girl's hair
Look at You in a laughing voice
They've not cleaned! (Extremely loud and clear) This came in in the foyer when Donna was trying to call Tracy to check on Holly, possible residual, especially since the place WAS cleaned up.
I'm dead (farily loud and clear)
Howie Horn
Look Behind You This was in the santuary during the tour
Getting it Clean (maybe the same spirit that was complainting about the place not being cleaned up before)
Clean it Up (very loud and clear, sounds like earlier spirit complaining about not being cleaned)
( very clear) Cookie Please.. Is there a Game or Something?
Come and Get it Appears to be a response to the request for a cookie
I Need a Flashlight Ernie
Holly's a Hot Brunette Not sure what this is about. Holly could not find the place, but a call was made to her cell phone 8 minutes earlier. Maybe one spirit was asking who Holly was.
Can we go Back? I'm at lunch right now - The first part, "Can we go back" seems quite clear and in a child's voice. - The second part which may be a response to the child isn't as clear, and - sounds to me something like, "I'm at lunch right now."
Herb Owns, uhhuh, A-1 A check of the area found there are A-1 Realty, Rentals, and Vacations, but could not find a Herbert associated with any of them
See ya tater & Goodbye Two distinct voices, one over the other. Must have been a spirit leaving, none of use were
Eat Sh*t Have no idea what this is about
Countn 13 Donna has asked how many rooms, and the girl was counting them. This apprears between the girl saying eleven and twelve. The spirit gave the total before the girl did!
Nellie with a nice connect
Please Flush the Bathroom This occurs right before the toilet if flushed (hiss reduction and amplification applied)
Be Careful
What's here

EVP's from Tesa's recorder:

Are you here right now? Here is Mike Dubrow?
Ouch, stop it.. where is he now?
Here's a mocca
How many spirits normally hand around here? I don't know.

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