Photo Evidence

Orb from main dining area. This orb appears to not be a dust orb because of it's assymetry and unusual interior details.
Orb enlarged by 500%

EVPs from Donna's recorder for Greenbrier, in order received:

Then I'm not dead. This is probably the best of the lot, Donna asks Lydia to speak to her, and gets a response of "Then I not dead". Thus is appears that the spirit that is talking is actually Lydia, and that she is still in a confused state after over 70 years

Shut up. This came in the middle of Donna Talking

I want a key or "I won a key" is perhaps from the lodge days

Let me out of here

Oh my kitchen or "are my kids here?

EVPs from Marshall's recorder:

Although there were 20 or so snippets which might have been evps, there was too much talking in the background to be sure on most of them. The following are the few that came in quiet areas:

Playing Sounds like a small child. May be confirmation of those who have seen a child there

Come back Ray The come back is pretty clear, not sure what the third word is

Bye Comes right after I say by when leaving a room

Bye Bye Comes right after I say bye bye. Quite soft.

Come Back In the parking lot as we are leaving

EVPs from Sean's recorder:

Help Me, help me - Seems to be a spirit in need of some sort of help.

I'm not - I say, "Why do you stay here at the Greenbrier", and get the response, "I'm not". I guess he was just passing through? Note: Each word, "I'm" and "not" both have a pop in the middle of them.

Goodbye - I say, "Goodbye", and then get the response, "Goodbye". This was as I was done asking some questions to try and get EVPs, and was leaving the room. You have to listen closely to hear this one.

Watch it - Right after I say, "Goodbye" and am walking out of the room, I get this EVP, "Watch it". I must have been walking into the spirit.

Watch it [uncleaned] - Stright from the recorder, not enhanced in any way.

Jennifer Grey - I said, "Please tell me your name", and got the response, "Jennifer Grey" in a female voice. Please note that the EVP has been amplified to make it easier to hear, thus the change in background noise between my question and the EVP.

Get back - I guess the spirit didn't want me there.

Where is he? - Aparently another spirit wasn't paying attention, and right after I left, she asked where I was.

Let me go - Does something have this spirit trapped?

Get back - They seem to want me to go again.

Oh, you got something? Yea.. what? - I ask, "Oh, you got something", the other researcher responds, "Yea", and then comes the EVP, "What?"


Here guys - Hmmm.. was he trying to get our attention to show us something?

There's my wife

Come Back Here - Yet again, they don't want to see me go.

Rocky came forward or Rocky gained 4

Here is my picture - I suppose he was saying we could take his picture with our cameras?

I wanna get through - Was he saying he wanted us to be able to record him? If so, mission accomplished! :)

Step away, leave us - Hmmm.. I don't have any idea what this would mean.. perhaps I am misunderstanding what is being said?

We wanna say hi - I think this is a pretty cool one! Shows the spirits directly wanting to communicate.

Playin' Checkers.. 9-0 - The spirit seems to be commenting that he is playing checkers, and then comes, "9-0".. perhaps 9 games won by one to 0 by another, or 9 men taken by one, 0 by the other?

when his opponent got another point, so the score is now 9 to 0?

Gus.. Back off - Hmm.. don't know what this one is about. One spirit seems to say, "Gus" and then another seems to say, "Back off".

Hold this - There is a little human speech came in in the middle of this EVP.

Hooray - Happy about something?

Come back - They seem to be missing me again. :)

I'm not afraid

Help - A spirit in distress?

F*ck me - Come on guys, not in a public place!

Where is he.. Nichola - One spririt says, "Where is he" (quickly) and another spirit overlaps the last part of, "Where is he" a little with what sounds like, "Nichola".. are they looking for Nichola?

Wait for me - The wait it the easiest part to hear, listen closely for the "for me" part.

Help - Seemingly another (or the same) spirit in distress.

Come back, Ray - Same EVP as Donna recorded above, but on my recorder.

Hey - Spirit says, "Hey".. has a loud pop disconnect sound.

Hey - The first spirit didn't get our attention, so this spirit seems to be trying to do so now. This "Hey" came in 25 seconds after the last one.

God Damn It - They seem to be getting angry that they can't get our attention. This was recorded 1 second after the last "Hey".

Hey Erica - No living Ericas on the investigation, so I suppose one spirit was calling to another spirit.

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