These EVPs were obtained in a private residence near Greenville Tennessee on March 31, 2007. In the order they were received by each investigator.

EVP's from Marshall:

[Connect] shit Comes right after the homeowners say they will be leaving us there alone
Get my parents Just as the owners were going outsidek, loud disconnect
Achoo This is said as opposed to sounding like a real sneeze
Please Get Out One of the nices get outs we have ever gotten
That is Tragic Have no idea what this is about
MichaelComes right after being asked if anyone is here
We're dead Appears to be stating the obvious
Shit [Click]
Ahh, Take one Step
Let's sit down on the couch Said just as I was going outside, nice connect click

EVP's from Donna:

Come on upstairs, don't hit her Two different spirits
The Network This was in the home office
Leave her
We wish you were with us A nice was of saying wish you were dead?
Get him
Half Son
In nomine Dominus vocat What? which in latin means "In the name of the Lord, speak" This was uttered by Robert, one of the researchers. Apparently a spirit was unable to understand him either and said "What?"
[More latin] Robert, is this you quoting more latin?
Max Don't Walk the Line, fuck According to the home owners, this sounds like their aunt who died 3 years ago, and was always having property line problems with the neighbor Max.
Help, What Hapened? Sounds like two different spirits
Mike's on the Computer Mike was an aquantance of theirs, but lives an hour away
Get up baby, [whispering] Can anyone make the last part out?

EVP's from Sean:

Get Out of Here
Why Don't You Get Out There
What Was That
Who's That
Hey You, Who Are You
Come Here
Thank You Came in Response to Sean saying Thank You
Help Me
Working Picture
What's Your Hurry
We're trying This came in response to Robert asking if anyone would like to speak to him
Right Now
Hey Stephan

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