Harriman Home Investigation

On December 1st, Donna Dudley, Sean Dudley, Marshall Dudley and Robert Allen investigated a house in Herriman, TN which was reported to have some ghostly activities going on. It was reported that there were black figures seen around the house as well as a very good EVP that the homeowners got which said, "Tell me your name". We did obtain some EVPs of our own on the investigation. We didn't come up with any video evidence. Below are the EVPs we obtained in the order in which they were recorded:

EVP's recorded by Sean:

That was my shit (b) [Comes in at the same time some people in the room are talking.]
Here comes Minnie (a)
Get away (b) - This one sounds like a little girl saying "Get Away". There were no little girls at the house (or that even live at that house.) [There was a lot of noise reduction on this EVP to bring the EVP out where it can be easily heard, thus the electronic type of sound in the background.]
I moved the stuff (b) - The homeowner had been talking about stuff moving around, and we got this EVP.
Would you please tell me your name? Andrew (c) - Sean said, 'Would you please tell me your name?', and then the response came which seems to say, 'Andrew'
Watch them (b)

EVP's recorded by Donna:

Go Right Now! (a)
whisper of "liar" and voice of "from that they hunted documentations"? (b)
Why would we be out in the woods trying to do something (c), while the lady is saying: "I'm sure no one would be out in the woods trying to do that".
I hate you. (a)
Wow (b)preceded by a loud connect
No (a) in response to Donna asing if "What is your full name" was all it had said on theeir EVP.
Shut up (b) or shutter or shot her
Shut up (b) loud connect
I want you (b) immediately followed by Donna saying that someting is pulling on her!
pray (b)
Ryan (b)
Grand Master (a)

EVP's recorded by Marshall:

Get out (b) good disconnect
Don't tell them that! (b) right after I told them to ask for protection!
Stop it (b)Followed by "as long as you don't crash in that red car"
What's she doing? (c)
Images and audio Copyrighted 2008