EVP's from Donna, and orb video for Hiwassee College, in order received:

don't be so odd, I want to come onto you(a,b) The first part is a voice, second part a whisper
you haven't died (a) Voice -This was in response to Donna saying it looks like the girls there are having a good time
That's cool (c) Comes in response to Donna saying that any ghosts can talk into the microphone and we can hear the. EVP amplified by 10 db.
he wants the stick (b) Sounds like they are playing with a dog
(b)good boy, thata boy (b) Still sounds like they are playing with a dog
hi (a) very loud whisper
(b) get out the tower
speak to us.. (b)no
(a) hey - help me
(b) mom, hell no or "mom hold up"
(a) lets go up the stairs
(c) We're watching or "They're watching"
(c) bullshit.. help my friend.. please
(b) hello
(a) what the fuck,,, waaaa Voice evp
(c) giraffe
(a+) me Voice
(b) get out
(b) Shit, that's next to the last time
(c) get out of here
(c) get out of here
(a) Marshall
(a) halt
(c) go
(b) get out of here
(b)hi hi hi
(b) here we govery soft
(a) let's help mother
(b) it's crap This was an answer to me asking what all the white stuff was on the floor, turned out to be pigeon droppings.
(b) get out
(b) go on
(b) get back
(b) get the hell back
(b) y'all come back This came in as we were leaving
(b) back boy

Robert's EVPs

(c) thank you very soft
(b) I didn't walk.. out there Both are evps
(a) A lot... I spoke to you After Sean asked if they usually stay in the building.
(a) stay in the house Probably additonal information on where they stayh
(b) don't look now
(b) I hate her
(b) hangback
(b) hurry
(b) help me
(c) help me
(c) hi rob
(a) careful
(a) hang up
(b) get out
(b) I know Very loud disconnect.
(a) fuck youThis was after Mike called the ghost a wussy.
(a) moans This came right after the investigators asking any spirits to make a noise, female making fun by sounding like having orgasms
(b) bamSean commented that two orbs flew into each other, and this evp seems to be making a joke of it
(a,b)BACK! get backThe back is a loud voice, the getback is a whisper
(b) get out
(b) dang - get them out
(b)get back
(c) get out, get out, get out
(b) help
(b) come in
(b)A pay washing machine Ghost said this right after Sean said "A pay washing machine"
(b) shit! Please don't be so loud Came immediately after some metal got knocked over. Scared the ghost!!!!
(b) Jeez.. I like it
(b) I'm Michael This came right after Robert asked "Who is here to speak?"
(b) bell This is when we entered the bell tower room in the chapel, after one of use asked what was in the bell tower
(b) I am not very happy
(b) oh shit
(b) get out, get out
(b) get out
(a) come to me, that is the question A ghost making fun of Robert's Shakespear quotes?
(b,c) Can you Whoop Star? Simpltaneously there is a whisper evp that says "can you water ... it?:
(b) find him... help me
(c) all walking
(b) flush it Robert goes to the mens room. When he is about to leave this evp comes in, and immedaitely after it you hear a flush
(b) So do I
(b) back... get back
(c) back
(b) There's muffin This one is really quite funny. When we were in the lower floor, in the restroom trying to get an evp, my wife called me by a pet name "Stud muffin". No one else knows that she does this occasionally, at least until now. Well no sooner had we gone to the upper floor, then a spirit called me "Muffin"!
(b) I fell throughThis was right after Marshall had commented that someone had fallen through the ceiling in the tower room
(b) back - damnit
(b) back
(A+++) soundboothCame just as we were leaving the soundbooth next to the chapel tower
(b) back... get back
(a) get out
(b) I can't help them
nobody can help them, ever, can't help them

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