Haunted house in Knoxville, TN near Western Avenue

The EVPs on this page are ranked as to how clear they are. The definitions are as follows:

Class A - Very clear and easily understood. Nearly everyone hears the same thing.

Class B - Most people agree what the EVP says, but isn't extremely clear.

Class C - Fairly to very hard to make out what is being said. Can't be sure what the EVP says.

EVPs recorded by Sean Dudley:

Let's get 'em to bed??? - Recorded in my car right after I pulled up to the house before any doors were even opened. [Class C]
Same as above, but origional, uncleaned version.

Oh No - Recorded in my car before we got out after arriving. [Class C]

Granny McNeal - Recorded in the driveway. [Class B]

Who wants to know? I do - Recorded in the upstairs of the house. I ask, "How long have you been at this residence" and then the response which I beleive to say, "Who wants to know" in a male voice and then, "I do" in a female voice. (The EVP response has been raised in volume to make it easier to hear.) [Class B]

People, get back - Recorded as we were walking from the homeowners house to a long abandoned house which he thought may be haunted. While walking to the abandoned house, I received this EVP. Not everyone agrees this is what it says, but to me this EVP sounds to be pretty clearly saying, "People, get back". [Class B]

Figure with white glowing eyes - This isn't an EVP, it is audio of me freaking out after seeing a figure with white glowing eyes. Shortly after we arrived at the abandoned house and I was looking through a back window into the house I saw a figure inside with glowing white eyes. I looked at this figure with white glowing eyes for several seconds trying to grasp what I was looking at when it suddenly darted away and out of my sight. (Also, it was night time and there was no lights in the house. There was no light available for light to have been reflecting off of anything.) Unfortunately my video camera battery was low, so I wasn't video recording and wasn't able to get this on video. This is the audio of my reaction.

Freak Out - Recorded behind the old abandoned house by sticking the recorder in through a window and asking questions. I had asked any entities to tell me something about themselves. The response sounds to me like, "Freak out". This EVP was recorded right after my experience above of seeing the figure with the white glowing eyes where I freaked out a bit. Was this entity commenting on me freaking out? [Class B]

I'm in heaven - This EVP was also recorded while I was holding the recorder through the window. I said, "How long have you been here" and got the rather intersting response, "I'm in heaven". There is also another sound before this phrase which may be a connect sound, or may be another word I can't make out. (The EVP response has been amplified to make it easier to hear.) [Class B]

Now come in [Class B]

Get out of here! - This was recorded shortly after we went inside the abandoned house. [Class C]
Get our of here! [uncleaned] - Same as above, but origional uncleaned version.

Get back - Inside the abandoned house. [Class A]

Come here - Inside abandoned house. I guess he wanted to show us something? [Class B]

Come With Me - Recorded inside the abandoned house. [Class B]

Come with me - Again I guess he wanted us to go somewhere? [Class B]
Come with me [Slowed] - Same as above, but slowed down a little.

EVP recorded by Mike Case

I know who you are - Recorded in the upper level of the home (not the abandoned home). Little bit creepy. [Class A]

I know who you are [uncleaned] - Same as above, but completely unmodified (no background noise reduction).

Wish she hadn't cheated - This EVP was also recorded in the upstairs of the house that has people living in it. It seems to say, "Wish she hadn't cheated". We are wondering if perhaps that is what happened at the abandoned house next door? That the husband caught his wife cheating on him, and murdered her? This is just a guess at this point. One of the interesting things about this EVP is that it seems to have come in backwards. That is, if you listen to it the way it was recorded, it sounds like backwards speech. That is what prompted us to reverse it and see if it made sense.

Same as above, but the way it was recorded (seemingly backwards).

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