North Old Knoxville Home Investigation

On March 10th Donna, Sean and Marshall Dudley investigated an eighty year old house in North Old Knoxville area for the ETPRS. It is a small 2 bedroom home, with no known present or past activities which should make it haunted. But haunted it was, as evidenced by the following EVP's which were recorded.

EVP's recorded by Marshall:

Look in the Chow (b)
Murders (a)
Red Rum (b) When the above EVP is reversed, it sounds like it says Red Rum
Look Here (a)
Hi (a)
Let's Go (c)
Keep Walking (b)
It's Carol Walker (b) when asked what his name was
No (c) when asked if he was related to the people who live there
What? Get the Child. Get Out (b/c) Not sure if they were responding to our presence, or if this is a residual.
Her Ring (c) or hurrah.
Alright (b) When asked Donna in the other room asked if he would speak to her. Nothing showed up on Donna's recorder
Turn Around (b)
F*ck (b)
I can (b) An answer when asked if anyone wanted to speak to me.
I came with cocaine (b)
Head Busted. (c) This was after I said that hurt, after hitting my head
You Need to Get Back, Lady (c)
Dang Ruby (c)
James Sour (b) or Game's Sour
That, F*cker (a)
Nathon Broke It (b/c)
get out [whisper](investigator -somebody has an interesting sense of humor) get out [deep voice] - you think (b/c)
We did. (b) I was kidding saying that no one would ever think to look for a key under the mat, and a spirit says this.
Take a Step (a)
What the Hell, Going to Take a Flash You Want a Picture of Me (b) Two simultaneous evps, a gruff male voice says "What the Hell", and a female voice asks if we want to take a picture of her

EVP's recorded by Donna:

Just Make it to Me, Coming Through (b)
Sue Picked Bob (b)
I Love You (b)
Get Up On Your Knees. (a) Likely a residual.
Who's Your Daddy. (b) Another likely residual.
Get Back, Donna, Get Back (c)
Don't Touch the Weed (c) Possibly a residual
Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit, I Failed! (c/b) Another possible residual
He did that (b)
Drive Away. (b) As soon as we shut the door in the car when leaving, we get this one.

EVP's recorded by Sean:

Kim Saw It (a)
Who Can Speak Now? (b)
Come Right Now (b) lout disconnect sound at the end
Help Me (c)
Victor (c)
Bounce (a) Loud connect sound (or something actually bouncing!).
Heidi (c) When Asked "What is Your Name?"
How Bout Them Bears (b) or help the birds
Go See What Sonny's Dealin' or Go See What Sonny's Doin' (a)
Come With Me. (b)
Look (c) Interesting connect and disconnect sounds.
Might Be (c) Reply to asking if anyone is in there
Coby or Toby (c) Very soft response to "What is Your Name"
Get Back (b)
I'm 92 (c) Very soft response to asking how old he was
Move Out of the Way (b)
Go with them (b)
Get Back (b)
Come With Me (b)
Get Back Here. Back It Up (b)
Please Don't Go Back There (c)
Come Back (b)
Look in Here (c)
Dump Her (c)
He Won the Loot (a)
Come Theadore (b)
Come on in Theadore (c)
Get Back Here (c)
Take My Picture (a)
Heidi Move (b)
Flashin in the orbs (b) When Sean pointed out an orb he got in the living room
Get Heidi Back (b) Heidi must be a child, they way they talk to her.
Back, Fuckit (a)
Get Back, Get Back (c)
We Come For Her (c)
Bye (c) A response after Sean says: "Bye Spirits"
Hey, Come Back (b)
Hand Me the Vise Here (b)
Come Here and Return the Shovel (c)

Images and audio Copyrighted 2006