EVPs recorded at a Spiritual Circle of Learning prayer group meeting.

The following EVPs came from a Spiritual Circle of Learning prayer group meeting at a private home in East Tennessee. The members of this group seem to communicate with spirits and help them go to the light, etc. We thought it would be an interesting setting to try and record some EVPs. The EVPs on this page are ranked as to how clear they are. The definitions are as follows:

Class A - Very clear and easily understood. Nearly everyone hears the same thing.

Class B - Most people agree what the EVP says, but isn't extremely clear.

Class C - Fairly to very hard to make out what is being said. Can't be sure what the EVP says.

"I wouldn't want Ping to get your rock" in a male voice, and "And my teddy bear" in a female voice.
I wouldn't want Ping to get your rock.. and my teddy bear [Class B]

There was this interesting sequence of tones, almost sounds like a banjo that had no physical source
Where could we go? [Class B]

A lady in the group is saying what she is sensing. She is saying, "I'm just saying, whatever happened, happened right there", and then comes the EVP response, "OK".
OK [Class A]

When Brett was trying to send the spirits to the light, he said a prayer, and when the prayer was over came an EVP that sounds to me like, "We'll help you". Then, right after that comes a loud pop sound, then Brett says, "Blessed Be, Blessed Be", and then comes another pop, then he says, "Blessed Be" again, and then come 3 loud pops right together. We are wondering if when the spirits were going into the light it was causing the popping sound? There was nothing physical in the room to account for the popping sounds.
Blessed Be..We'll help you..pops [Class C (the EVP voice)].. the most interesting part of this one is the pops.

During a prayer, during a silent part, these two EVPs were recorded. It seems to be two spirits, the first one says, "Hey Ed", and then Ed seems to respond, "Hold On".
Hey Ed.. Hold On

This one says "Life's too strange", and another voice says "for sure". There is a very loud connect between the two.
Life's too strange; forsure

This EVP sounds like it is saying "Oh Martha". Nice connect sound at the beginning
Oh Martha

When Brett was about to bring down the light we got his EVP:
Bring it On

This EVP sounds like it says Can Wait

At the second meeting we got these additional EVPs

When we were discussing a nice retirement communityh we got Eden



Let me in has a nice connect sound at the beginning and Let me in open is not very clear

I was suggesting to to help understand Genesis in the Bible, to read Stitchen's "12th Planet". About 5 seconds later a spirit reports that he has Researched it
Wow, that is faster than the Internet!

Next we have a spirit that was totally focused on the lights. Right after they were turned out for the prayers, it started saying that the lights were out, and when we turned them back on, it say they were back on!
Lights out Lights out Lights out All lights out now Lights off Lights on

I am not sure if these are saying "Death or Bret":
Death Bret



This one sounds like he is on drugs, and says "drugs":

When a man was reported to be standing next to Donna, she asked if it was Bobby. After a bit more exploring she finally figured out it was her uncle James. However this EVP after she asked if it was Bobby sounds like it tells her it is James, a good 5 minutes before she figured it out herself:

Move Back

When it was getting close to time to call down the light, Brett was spending a good bit of time talking about what spirits were there. I think this one got impatient:
Let's go now

This meeting also had some tones that sounded very much like the tones heard in the first meeting
Tones.. or possibly saying, "I love you"

Too hot

Your breakfast

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