These EVPs were obtained in a private residence in South Knoxville on April 27th, 2007.

EVP's recorded by Sean:

Ally - Recording in the little girls room at the house, I got this EVP that seems to say, "Ally". Perhaps one spirit calling to another spirit named Ally?
Come to Granny - Recorded in the basement
Stop It - Recorded in the basement
What is this - Recorded in the basement
I am Scott Zimmer, what do you want to know? - I said, "Hello, is anybody in here with me", and I got the response, "I am Scott Zimmer, what do you want to know?" [background noise reduced, EVP amplified]
I am Scott Zimmer, what do you want to know? [uncleaned] - Same as above, but exactly as it was recorded, not cleaned or amplified in any way.
Watch this (another one)
Keith The homeowners said that Keith was the name of their living son during the reveal
Hang on?
Gary O. White - I guess he was telling me his name?
Who came up?
I'm with Tameran - The little girl that lives at the house is named Tamera. I received this EVP which seems to say, "I'm with Tameran". The name "Tameran" is the easiest part to hear.
Helen Brock - I said, "Is there anyone in here with me" and got the response, "Helen Brock".
Come to me, come to me - Seems to say, "Come to me" twice.
Help Me
Not right now

EVP's recorded by Tesa

Fuck Not sure if that is what this one says, does not fit context of conversation
It's my room This is after Tesa says that this is the guest room.
I'm 14 This came in after everyone was giving the ages of their children. During the reveal the homeowners said that it sounded like their son who died about 5 years ago. He was 14 when he died.
I'm not doing it This came in after Tesa accused the ghosts of scaring the family, and telling them they should leave. Very soft, immediately after Tesa talks.
It too Came after Tesa said to speak in her recorder, and Donna said to speak in her's too, has disconnect immediately after it.

EVP's recorded by Marshall

Some are In response to asking how many spirits are in the house
Slow or Stop. Recorded as Donna was slowly walking up the stairs
I'm 14 Same EVP caught by Tesa when everyone was telling how old their children were. Homeowners identifed the voice as their son who died at 14
Dad took my pillow in resonse to a question if there is anyone who would like to speak to me. Could be a residual.
Dan's 13, no shit All EVPs
That room In response to being asked if they had noticed anything else in the house
Heap Possible residual
Let us see it or "let us say it"
I dig you Maybe hitting on one of the investigators?
No in response to the lady of the house saying that "he'd been dead about a year when that happened"
Let's go help them or let's go to that one
You'll rot in hell This was after Cynthia said that there were some evil spritis that needed to be gotten rid of
Beth, Hi
I'm Zimmer.
I want my mirror Probably a residual
Help me This was gotten in the steps to the basement when I stopped because the emf meter was going off
Hey ... hi
Get off me, Get him off me This apparently happened when Marshall backed up into a corner to take a picture, and seemingly cornered a spirit

EVP's recorded by Donna

Help me The whisper, not the voice
No When Donna asked if he would tell her his name
Rachel In response to Tesa saying "that mmmm was Donna". Must have thought she was talking to him instead of for the mike
Ohhh, yeah
Somebody tell Michael, It's ok Is this a message for the homeowners?
Becky ... stop itHere we have the homeowner telling us a story. She pauses at one point, and "Becky" comes in, then she gets to a point where she is quoting someone else as saying stop it. Interesting thing is that the spirit says "stop it" before the homeowner does!
Brenda In response to being asked what her name was. Very very clear
I don't know, hey
I don't know In response to the question of how many spirits are in the house
Say what
Get him
Get back, ok they're going
Untie me, have one line, look for any hump, Callie, that lump's not there Sounds like a residual that has to do with drugs
I give them hell
Hold them
No people
Help me, hey
Help them
My goodness
Ask her

EVP's from the reveal

Quit talking, or keep talking
Now be free, This came immediately after one of the girls fell on the stairs
Please help them, came shortly after the fall
Down there. also shortly after the fall (interestingly the fall on the stairs was directly above where Marshall got the evp of "help me" above)
He's 14, The lady of the house said He's 14, yeah, talking about he son who died, ghost repeats "he's 14, yeah" (amplified). then we told her that we got an EVP of "I'm 14", she said, "No you didn't", and then came the EVP, "He did!"
Are you here? We love you, the "we love you" is repeated in a soft whisper
Come on by, if that is, possibly a residual
I want to hear from her, how, or possibly "now".
Heck, if I die, take PT, possible residual. PT is likely a person's initials
Muttering, can anyone make this out
Not sure, preceded by a loud connect
I'm in the way, came when we were packing up to leave
Brian, or Bryant

Pictures Possible ectoplasm in window. This photo was taken by Cynthia using Sean's camera. Since she was smoking (which is not suppose to be allowed on investigations), we have to discount this as possible cigerrette smoke.

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