From our December, 2006 investigation:

EVP's from Donna, and orb video for TMG school, in order received:

Six HIs (a -c). When we first arrived this spirit said hi 6 times (dead time removed from between "hi's")
Get ... Get Well (b) or Getwell. Distinct disconnects on this one. The initial "Get" may actually be a connect click.
Another Hi (c)
No (c). After Donna says "tell us your name"
Come With Me (b) Soft, but rather clear.
What is your name? Hal (or How?) (b) Not sure if it is saying it's name is Hal, or is it asking how it could tell us it's name.
Is anyone here?Yes (a) Very loud connect sounds.
Have no idea what this is (c)
Yeeeees ... All Right (c) Loud, but raspy.
Yes (a)
Please Don't Go In There (c) Connect and Disconnects make this hard to hear.
Hey - Help (b)
OK (b) Good connect click.
Not (c)
Scat! (b)
This dorm, they got me. (b) Distinct connect and disconnect sounds.
Hey! Help (b) louds and whispery.
Help Me (b) soft.
Omen ... help me (b-c) Omen is a voice, help me is a whisper. Loud connect.
Moan and clunks right after the help me above, sounds like a heavy door being shut.
Help Me, Help Help (c) more helps following the moan and clunks
Video of Orb in HAVC Room. Several EVP's further down appear to be the spirit associated with the orb talking to us.
Get Back .. Tough Shit. (b) This was recorded just as the orb dodged Donna coming through the door in the HVAC room, then dodges me.
Get Back. (b) The orb wanting back out? The inital "Get" may be an artifact of the connect sound.
That's my light. (b) This came in the HVAC room when playing back the orb for me to review. Looks like he is taking an interest in the video I caught of him and his light.
Good heavens ... That's my light (b) I played back the orb again and got this response. Apparently quite taken back that I caught the orb on video.
Lock the Door ... Shit! (b) whisper.
That's my light. (a) When Donna asked Tesa if she had seen the orb, and I was playing it for her. Notice that this is the same thing that was said when I played it back right after I cautht it, but without the "Good Heavens".
I meant all (b) Maybe this is a correction on an evp which we did not record.
They won't let me go (c) raspy whisper.
Try not to trip on the stairs, nice whisper (b)
Come Back Donna. (c). When Donna was walking out of a room
Come back (b) quite loud.
Out (c) When Robert says "Tell us about the game", in the gym.
Play. (c) Again, in the gym
Ahhh... Stay. (c)
Damn lucky .... (click) Don't pay for her (b)
Wow ... Look at the strawberries This was obtained in the cafeteria.
I touch you Three distinct voices make this one up
Hey Guy (b)
Come on and eat one. Again in the cafeteria
Hi ... Hi (a)
Help (b)

Robert's EVPs

Help me, Help me now (c)
Don't (b)
Pat (b) distinct connect and disconnect clicks.
Stop that (b)
OK... Stop (c) connect/disconnect click between the two words.
Booger (c)
Come On Up ... come on up ... come on up (a)
Come On Back (b) disconnect click.
Mom (a)
Kind of a Bedroom Snob. (a) Said after Robert says "I don't like this place"
Y'all clumsy. (b) Right after I knocked over a piece of pipe - soft
Why Not (a). Comes right after Tesa says "Taking Your Picture"
Let me in (b) Tail end of evp talked over by Tesa.
I hate you (b) Very gruff whisper, loud.
Help (c)
Chapel. (b) Whisperomes right after Robert says he is in the Chapel
Can't get out, can't get out of here (c)
Hold Up (c)
Feels lucky, Turner (b)
Fire in the hole ... halt (a) This one is pretty neat. Fire in the hole is a voice, the halt is a whisper, and during and after this it sounds like bombs going off!
I agree (a)
Are you lifting my weight? (b) qutie soft, but pretty distinct.
Come Back (a)
Call Michael ... Got the number? Got my number (b) Soft but rather clear.
Hi Mitchell. (b) Disconnect sound.
Hey Amber (a) Looks like all the spirits are getting togeher
Michael Come on in (a) Looks like they called him successfully. Very distinct and loud connect and disconnnect sounds.
Help us.... Help (b)
Have Fun (a)
That's too loud bubba. (b) After Robert screems something in the room
My God (a) Unable to understand what is said after that.
Yes (a)
Back (b) disconnect sound.
Get Back (a)
Back (b)Something obviously wanted everyone back!
Hey (b) Whisper 60% of way through.
Bye. (a) Caught when he was leaving

Sean's EVP recordings

Ask me why (b) came in as Mike was talking about his arm getting irritated and hot after he had tried to provoke a spirit.
Hey, Hello.. we've gotta stay (a)
Bradshaw (b)
Why (b)
No more tears (c) or "tea"
Theo (b)
Come Back (a) with a very loud disconnect sound.
Hutch (c) or Hunch
Now what (a)
Come down here (b)
I'm fine (a)
Where am I? (b)
This is the room (a) - I was in the girls dormatory. Someone had asked me if there was a room where there had been a lot of activity reported. I said, "Yea, there was, but I don't remember for sure what the room number is", and then came this very clar EVP, "This is the room". [Note: The EVP response has been amplified to make it easier to hear.]
Come on (c) with a very loud disconnect sound.
Come on in here (a)
Over here (c)
For Sure (b) - Mike says, "Try him again", and then comes the EVP, "For sure".
Come with me (b) - Unfortunately, this comes in while we are talking, and I say, "Yea" immediately after the EVP.
Over there, look here (b) - Very loud connect and disconnect sounds.
Come over here (a)
Ya'll come here (b) soft
Joe Gardeni (a)
Joe Gardeni [Uncleaned] (a)
Right back at ya or Umph, unfair catch(c)
Do it again (c) or do it with Ken - Comes in under human speech
Pipe down you two (b)
Pipe down you two [uncleaned] (b)
Set off the big red gun. (a) Turns out there was a large red cannon which was there during the military academy days.
Fuck you (c)
Kiss Me [Cleaned] (b)
Kiss Me [Uncleaned] (b) soft
Show him (c)
More stay (b)
Smells good (b) - Recorded in the cafeteria.
Alrighty (a)
Helen, Duck or possibly Helen, Look (b)
Where did he go? (c)
Where's Speedo? Coming (b) - Seems to be one spirit asking where Speedo is, and then Speedo answering, "Coming".
Why (b)
Hey, Andrew (b) or androids
Kiss (b)
Stay here (c)
"Let's go swing" or "Let's go sweetie" (b)
Stay the heck Out of here (c)

We left a recorder running during the reveal. Often we can get spirits comments on what we got before, or other surprises. In the order they were received:

Shit... get out (b) This was our initial welcome when we went into Helen's office and started sitting down
Pick me (c) (Whisper at the beginning) This was before we begun the reveal, and were discussing who would go first. The spirit seems to be saying he wants to go first!
Come on out here (a) A spirit telling another to come on over?
Patton or Peyton (b) Is this the name of someone who use to be here, Peyton Manning or the WWII general?
What (b) (or fuck?) Not sure if a spirit was wanting us to repeat something, or was expressing disbelief
Pick up (b) Have no idea what this is about
Who's sick? (b) Maybe a residual?
Go bye bye (b) A polite way of asking us to leave, or a residual of someone talking to a child?
Japanese phrase? Does anyone know Japanese?
Help Them (c) Whisper
Help.. Help him (c) One of a half dozen help, help him and help thems received

We returned to TMG for another investigation in May of 2008. The following are what was captured during that investigation:

Donna's EVPs

Lets tend to Becky followed by a strange laugh. [outside]
pick up his drink
hold me Little girl's voice
where's singer
I think we're done for tonight Were they politely telling us to leave?
fuck offfff (preceded by what sounds like a foreign language evp)
Tickle me pop
Go (or come) back ... idiot
Company Fall Back Very likely a residual from long ago
no after Donna asks if anyone wants to speak to us
Time's up, come back Once again, hinting for us to leave?
Shut up - oop (ex)cuse me Residutal maybe?
oh really? uh, huh (about sean's battery being drained right after putting it on)
Paper popping incident(Tesa asks if they would make a noise)[evp]Maybe you would like to, uh huh. [pop] when paper Donna was holding was tapped] then when asked to do it again another pop, which was heard by Tesa and Donna
which corner when Tesa said whe was taking a picture of the corner (amplified, but still very soft)
Pop, Pop, heck when Tesa asked them to materialize for her. Sounds like he tried by wasunsuccessful
I'm one right after Tesa says no ghosties
that's mine
That's myrrh (In response to what is that smokey smell in room 111). Myrrh is an incense used often by Japanese
It's myrrh then Donna says "errrr" almost like she hear it but missed them "m"
why when asked if they would make another noise
There suppose to be a drain in here
Thump or pop after Tesa asked it to thump the wall
Bye all When we were saying our goodbyes.

Marshall's EVPs

its locked
go back
go back
get the lock, get the key
get back
get back
grass (when I was pointing the camera out of the door window and asked what that was)
alright (to I had a master key)
male voice "I hate him" Not sure if female voice is an EVP residual?
Go Back, Get back
get out front
Charge card Donna has asked how I paid for a infrared blaster I bought from an investigator from Chattanooga that was there, and a Ghost said "Charge Card". He was obviously not paying attention though, I had paid cash!

Sean's EVPs (in the order they were recorded):

See Senor
Kara lost me
We're ok
Get him
Mars Attack
I love to channel
Timmy - I asked, "Anybody in here with us" and got the response, "Timmy".
Help Me
Help Me (again.. seems to be the same voice, came in 9 seconds after the previous Help Me.)
This is Danielle - Male spirit seems to be introducing a spirit named Danielle.
No idea, really... - Sounds to me like it ends in, "you can lavatize the boobies", whatever that means.
Dan Bonnett - I asked, "Anybody in here" and got the response, "Dan Bonnett".
We'll show him - I said, "Why are you in here" and got the response, "We'll show him".
Brad Smith
Get the anchor girl
Sorry, Will
Behind ya'll
Music - Sounds like horns being blown and a drum sound. I'm guessing this is a residual from when the location was a military academy.
It's Bugsy
Don't you lie
We've got people - I say, "Too much talking and stuff when you've got too many people" and get an EVP back that says, "We've got people".
Ron's gonna run away
I'll wrestle at noon - Perhaps a residual from when TMG was a military academy?
Love cheese and wine
Come back Mrs. Dee
We're here
Wait for me, Stan
We said it
Trust Me
Hate it.. Why's she hate it?
Is this girl coming downstairs?
Get Shaw
Sorry Will
Go get the vac
That way
I win again
[1st voice] I am lonely, [2nd voice] That's why you play with me.
You guys need to turn the light on
Peek a Boo - Was a ghost trying to play peek a boo withus? lol
Going there like this
Can I speak? - Perhaps asking if he could speak to us?
Over here
Oh yeah
Wait.. go back. - Right as we were leaving a building, this spirit seemed to be asking us to return to the building.
Where do you have to go? - About 40 seconds after the above EVP.. seems to not want us to leave.
A different Dianna.. get here over here.
I suck
Why don't Kerry go?
Go find them
Have you got there, Clooney?
Hi Cam
Is it a duck?
There is no faith.. you're sick
Yeah - I said, "They said he died in the pool", and got the EVP, "Yeah"

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