The people in this house have a child that claims to have visitors. The mother took the child away for the first hour of the investigation, and we got a few EVPs but not many. When they returned, the level of EVPs increased significantly. Note that there was only one child there during the last half, many of the EVPS sound like there are two or more children.

EVPs (all from the Tennessee Spirit Mike) in alphabetical order:

Beth, Brie, I can do both
I'm Carl Ritz, no hold on Angie, uhuh This is an answer to Marshall asking if Angie was there, 2-db noise reduction and 10 db amplification
Death This was when she was about to play an EVP they had gotten, noise reduced +20 db
Get ready to break out to me 10 db amplified, this came in right after we all left the living room to investigate downstairs.
Go get Jack Sprat, he y Noise reduced, 10 db amplification
Great fun
Hello, come with me Noise reduced, 10 db amplified
Hello Ron
Cloe, don't go there Noise reducede, + 10 db
Hey, Dan Brown
I'm not This is an answer to me asking why the spirits there are being mean to the people there. Noise reduced + 20 db
It's time for a Jim Walker, Get it outside A Jim Walker would be whiskey
Leo, yeah, I'm Leo
Don't take my clothes off?? noise reduced
Let's tape that down Noise reduced, + 10 db
Sit right there, red rum, red rumpus
Tammy, up
Toy at her
Why'd you do that Child's voice. noise reduced + 10 db
Why did you give me this? noise reduced
Yeah, her hurts - Thank you Very loud disconnect

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