EVPs recorded at the Van Gilder Farm in Seymour, TN

The following EVPs came from a private home investigation in Seymour, Tennessee on October 21st, 2006 (in the order in which they showed up on the recording). The following were obtained during an investigation I went on with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society.

The EVPs on this page are ranked as to how clear they are. The definitions are as follows:

Class A - Very clear and easily understood. Nearly everyone hears the same thing.

Class B - Most people agree what the EVP says, but isn't extremely clear.

Class C - Fairly to very hard to make out what is being said. Can't be sure what the EVP says.

Be Gone [Class B] - I guess this spirit didn't want us there? Recorded shortly after we arrived.
Be Gone [slowed] - Same as above, but slowed down to make it easier to understand.

Yeah [Class B]

God Bless You [Class B] - Noone sneezed, so I guess this spirit really meant for God to bless me. (Thanks spirit)

Come In, Gaw [Class A] - Right as I was getting ready to walk back into the house after being outside, this EVP was captured. I don't know what "gaw" means, but that's what it sounds like to me. I think the "Come in" part is very clear, though. Notice how right after the spirit says, "Come In, Gaw" you can hear the screen door close as I went in. No time has been removed.

Come out here [Class A] - This was recorded as a few of us were talking amongst ourselves in an upstairs bedroom. Was this a spirit in the hall asking us to come out there? (This EVP comes in as researchers are talking, so there is a little overlap from the researchers speech.)

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