EVPs recorded at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The following EVPs came from Waverly Hills Sanatorium, where tens of thousands of people died over the years.

The EVPs on this page are ranked as to how clear they are. The definitions are as follows:

Class A - Very clear and easily understood. Nearly everyone hears the same thing.

Class B - Most people agree what the EVP says, but isn't extremely clear.

Class C - Fairly to very hard to make out what is being said. Can't be sure what the EVP says.

5:40 [Class A] - The investigator asked if the spirits could give us the time. We got an EVP response back, "5:40". The response was correct, it was roughly 5:40 am

Come Back [Class B]

Get Back [Class B]

Get Out [Class B]

I'm going to get you [Class B] - A little bit creepy having a ghost say they are going to get you. :)

I'm on the phone [Class B] - This was probably one of the doctors. Guessing this was a residual haunting where something which was said years ago is just coming through again, or perhaps he is on a spiritual phone of some sort?

More doctors [Class B] - I think this one is saying, "More doctors", which would make sense in a hospital, but it also sounds like, "We're adopted" to me. See what you think.

Can he help us? [Class B]

Over there [Class B]

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