The people in this house have had toys turn on, and their children claim to be seeing and touched by unseen presences. Their 4 year old son has recently and rapidly gotten a serious brain condition. They asked us to check if there was anything evil in the house while they were at Vanderbuilt Hospital with their son. We did not find anything dark, but since they were gone, that does not totally eliminate the possibilty of something being attched to one or more of them.


Let's push them back. This quite strong EVP was received within one second of turning on the recorder. If they were talking about us, they were not successful.
Let's feel it. (Might be "I feel it") This one was recorded within 2 seconds of turning the other recorder on.
Take the stairs.. Would that please you? Have no idea what this is about, It was recorded when Donna went upstairs, before she said anything.
Go back at eleven. That's right. This occured immediately after Donna noticed that some of those present were whispering, and they said that if she wants to do some more EVP work, they will be quiet. Interesting thing is that we got this at about 10:50 to 10:55 pm. It sounds like they were saying to try again at 11:00.

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